The geko™ device is now available through the UK NHS Supply Chain

The geko™ device is now available through the UK NHS Supply Chain

The NHS Supply Chain manages the sourcing, delivery, and supply of healthcare products and services for NHS trusts and healthcare organisations across England and Wales. This advancement means that wound care clinicians can now effortlessly order the geko device.

Clinically Proven Efficacy

Our recently published study, in the International Wound Journal (IWJ), demonstrates geko device effectiveness. The self-controlled randomised trial shows that patients with hard-to-heal venous leg ulcers (VLUs) experienced more than double the rate of healing when using the geko device alongside standard of care, and reports a high patient tolerance rate of 94%, demonstrating its ease of use.

Bernard Ross, our CEO and Founder has expressed “We are delighted to be listed on the NHS Supply Chain. Our mission is to end the misery of hard-to-heal wounds and to transform patient lives. Key to this is ensuring the geko device is widely available and easy to order, allowing wound care clinicians to direct their precious time and resources to patient care.”

Addressing the Chronic Wound Burden

Approximately 3.8 million adults in the UK suffer with a wound. Many are hard-to-heal and despite following best practice, wound healing can be prolonged or often never achieved. Patients experience pain, anxiety, altered body image, and isolation, leaving many without hope of improvement, suffering wound infections and recurrence. The financial burden of non-healing wounds on hard-pressed healthcare systems is also huge, higher than for cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The annual NHS cost to manage wounds is £8.3 billion annually. An estimated 85% of wound care costs relate to nursing and home visits rather than the wound dressing itself. By doubling the rate of wound healing, compelling cost consequence data (about to be published) shows the geko device reduces both nurse home visits and wound dressings use, releasing significant NHS cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint – alongside a corresponding increase of quality-adjusted life years (QALYs).

Future Implications

Fiona Young, Wound Therapy Business Director at Firstkind, also comments. “Introducing change to clinical practice and new models of care is the greatest opportunity we have to reduce NHS costs and carbon emissions. The transformative geko device delivers on both these fronts. Through faster wound healing and empowering patients to self-care and share-their-care with family members and healthcare professionals – in the home setting – the geko device optimises wound care pathways, reducing nurse travel, products used, and waste generated. Now with this wider access through the NHS Supply Chain, geko device ease of ordering will further help NHS wound care nurses reduce the time managing wounds.”

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