Sky Medical Technology in the news

Sky Medical Technology in the news

June and July saw Sky Medical Technology featured in the news, demonstrating the positive impact of the geko™ device in healthcare.

Our Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Thelwell spoke to Health Europa, a publication focussing on the latest news, trends and pioneering technological developments in European healthcare, with more than 290,000 readers. In this issue, Andrew discussed how sustaining the success of MedTech innovation after the pandemic could be the answer to improving healthcare systems and enhancing patient care. Andrew also touched on tackling the regulatory demands that come with bringing a medical device to market – a topic indispensable for driving MedTech success.

“Often MedTech companies want to be seen as ‘disruptive’ in their field – but new medical technologies should be anything but. The success of a new technology often depends on its fitting as seamlessly as possible into existing workflows, rather than delaying or interrupting them.”

Veterans Health Today is a digital resource for the latest medical research on common health conditions for Veterans, and our CEO and Founder, Bernard Ross, shared how the geko™ device offers a new lower-cost treatment option for Veterans suffering from venous thromboembolism (VTE) and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). The inclusion of the geko™ device on the FSS contract is currently the largest deployment of devices – a significant breakthrough for MedTech in the USA’s healthcare.

“Building a pathway where proven platform technology is adopted quickly helps deliver positive patient outcomes across multiple medical issues. The FSS contract for the geko™ device is an important milestone on the journey to the wider adoption of platform medical technologies.”

For investors, the MedTech industry has been a prominent focus during the last decade. Edward Rudd, a Partner at our investor, Juno Capital, comments on this in Investment Week, a magazine which delves into the technical analysis of markets, economics, and investment, with over 350,000 readers. Edward reveals his experience of investing in MedTech innovation and the impressive opportunities platform technologies, such as the geko™ device, offer investors.

“Rather than just delivering a simple single-application technology, it could be applied to a range of medical issues including: complications related to swelling after surgery; the closure of hard-to-heal wounds and the prevention of life-threatening blood clots.”

The Med-Talk Podcast covers trends and discussions in life sciences, created by the editors of Med-Tech Innovation News and European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer which have a joint readership of more than 700,000. Our CEO and Founder, Bernard Ross, is a firm believer of embracing the surge in innovation from the pandemic, as he shared his insights on the MedTech industry in this episode, including trialling new products and introducing different uses for existing technology.

“If you want a new technology to be adopted, it has to be as undisruptive as possible in a clinic. You want to make sure that your product fits in to a care pathway as easily as possible. It cannot disrupt the care pathway, or the more it disrupts the care pathway, the slower the adoption is going to be.”

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